Most of us have tried (and failed) and pumping out a few push-ups. While I usually pat myself on the back for making it to a set of ten that barely counted some people have a higher goal in mind.

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A book titled the Push-up Progression was released last year. It carries the many facts that prove just how perfect the push-up is as a daily exercise. While I felt like my arms were getting a good workout, it actually really tears into many muscle groups. Your arms, back, chest and core get regular exercise from a basic push-up. The author of the book, Shaun Zetlin, wrote about how the push-up can build all around fundamental strength.

The challenge is the main attraction of the book. The 50 push-up challenge is at first a preposterous notion for a lot of us (I hope it’s not just me). In 30 days time Zetlin’s workout challenge should have you performing a full set of fifty real push-ups at once! Lets take a look at this insane plan of his.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Week 1

  • Day 1-five Push-ups
  • Day 2-five Push ups
  • Day 3-REST (great day!)
  • Day 4-five Push-ups
  • Day 5-ten Push-ups (here we go..)
  • Day 6-REST
  • Day 7-ten Push-ups

Week 2

  • Day 8-REST
  • Day 9-12 Push-ups
  • Day 10-12 Push-ups
  • Day 11-REST
  • Day 12-15 Push-ups
  • Day 13-15 Push-ups
  • Day 14-REST

Week 3 (things start to get hairy)

  • Day 15-20 Push-ups
  • Day 16-24 Push-ups
  • Day 17-REST
  • Day 18-25 Push-ups
  • Day 19-30 Push-ups
  • Day 20-REST
  • Day 21-32 Push-ups

Week 4

  • Day 22-35 Push-ups
  • Day 23-35 Push-ups
  • Day 24-REST
  • Day 25-38 Push-ups
  • Day 26-40 Push-ups
  • Day 27-REST
  • Day 28-42 Push-ups

Final Two Days

  • Day 29-45 Push-ups
  • Day 30-50 Push-ups

Now I can say I have done this challenge before. My mind was totally against me at the start but I gradually came around to the idea that I might stand a chance. My experience was pretty average.

First week

This was easy. I could already do double this week’s requirement while only sweating a lot! I breezed through the days glad that I had such a quick and painless workout.

I will say that you should take this week to research proper positioning. Placement of the hands, feet and back arch are essential and harder to implement later on.

Second Week

I began to feel real gratitude at this level. The Push-ups were right at my level and I was proud to reach my goal each day while breaking a sweat. This is the last week where I was able to finish my reps at any time of the day. Not only that, but it was the last time I did not consider them reps.

Third Week

Week three sucks. This is the challenge week. This is where most either surrender or soldier on to the end. 30 Push-ups is really difficult when trying this out for the first time. Feel okay with yourself if you cannot complete these in a single set. This is where the reps mentality comes in. Cut them into two or three sets if need be. Your body needs to keep up that aerobic exhaustion so keep breaks to less then a minute.

Fourth Week

This week is still so challenging. The third week hits you hard but week four keeps up the pressure you have now come to expect. The numbers are much higher but breaking them up helped me struggle through. I did not quite feel like a champ while laying there sweating, but the improvement truly felt great.

Final Days

The final stretch is tough. I completed day 29 in FOUR sets. I was dying. Climbing from 42 to 50 Push-ups in three days absolutely feel like an uphill Battle. On that last day I mustered up the energy to complete all 50 in two sets! That accomplishment makes it all so worth it.

This challenge was far more possible than I imagined for myself. I finished it feeling great and definitely noticing the benefits for my body. Stronger core, improved posture and more defined muscles made for a killer finishing touch. I suggest you challenge yourself starting today. You will be surprised how strong you really are.