Have you heard of the new trend detoxing? It is hardly new but is really coming back in popular culture. This is a way to flush bad toxins out of your body with fresh beverages full of fruit and vegetables. The main problem with these drinks is the flavor leans to the gross end of the spectrum if you are used to soda like me (root beer all the way!)


I have what may be the best detox drink I have ever tasted. While still being natural all the way (I promise) it is still sweet and delicious! So whether you are looking to cut back a bit on the sugar and calories or need a whole body cleanse we have you covered.

Watermelon citrus Detoxification dream

Pretty good name, right? This drink has multiple ingredients that each adds their own specific value to the mix.

Watermelon + Cucumber

These two ingredients help to flush the body of all those bad toxins. This is due to the compound citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that has been proven to help the liver and kidneys filter out ammonia. This is a byproduct of our bodies burning of proteins and can be quite harmful to our cells if not filtered out correctly.


Good old water is the best way to help our body’s function. This includes flushing out bad toxins and making for an easier time on our liver and kidney.

Lemon + Lime


Lemon and lime are essential ingredients in regulating and “kick starting” our digestive track. They both thin out bile while ramping up on its production. Our bodies simply flow more freely and help our liver break down fats that we have consumed.

Mint Leaves

Mint leaves are a great addition to your diet when you are cramping. They are a fantastic at alleviating tight cramped up muscles in the stomach. Not only that but they also happen to be yet another bile producer! Flow more freely between your organs and break down that pesky fat.

Plus it adds a great fresh flavor to your drink!


  • 1-2 Liters of water (less equals more taste)
  • Part of a watermelon or a cucumber
  • 1 lemon OR lime
  • 10-15 mint leaves
  • Ice Cubes (preferably frozen)


Slice up a healthy portion of watermelon (or cucumber) into cubes and place them into a pitcher. Cut up a fresh Lime (or lemon) into wedges and throw those in as well. Toss in that handful of fresh mint leaves and stir all together with 1-2 pitchers of water. Let all of the ingredients steep together in the fridge overnight and serve over ice.

I strongly prefer watermelon and lime on this concoction. The flavor profile is much stronger with the preferred 1 liter of water. Anything past that is watering down the flavor to me but it is all preference to your tastes.

For a full flavor blast you can even try adding all of the ingredients into one batch! It is a bit strong for by buds but you may love it. For those looking for the strongest flavor it also may be best to add ice cubes only when serving in a cup. It may look great on that picnic table with ice swirling around but it will dilute the drink over time.