Each morning can be a struggle on our bodies as we rise and shine for the day ahead of us. That struggle we feel to get out of bed and make our way over to the coffee machine does not have to carry on with us for the rest of the day. Taking care to relax your body and mind first thing in the morning can make for a far more fun and productive day!

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Taking the time to stretch and breath deeply is very important to setting a great pace for the rest of the day. In less than ten minutes you can accomplish a serene peace that will carry you lighter for the coming hours. Here are a few stretches to help you from dragging your feet. For best results perform these stretches after a hot shower.

Standing Forward Bend

While you may want to stretch this one out on your own it is a fantastic start to your routine.

Stand with your feet about the same distance apart as your hips. Lean your upper body forward with your head nearing the ground. Grab a hold of your elbows on hold on tight!

To get the whole stretch benefit from this activity make sure to hold for at least 2-3 deep breathes. Moving your head up ad down as well as shaking can help to relax your neck and shoulders. Just pretend you are having an argument with the ground and then it makes a good point so you nod as well as shake your head.

Or just keep shaking your head after reading that like I am.

Outer Hip Stretch

This is a great stretch to really get a your hips and thighs.

Lift your left leg with your knee bent and place it on your bed while standing. Keep your spine standing up straight while hinged forward at the hips. Use the bed to support yourself as needed.

Hold for 5 deep breaths and rotate to the other leg.

Standing Quad Stretch

This is a great activity for stretching out your quadriceps.

Keep your hand on a wall or bed for support during this stretch. With your feet at hip distance apart soften the left knee and pull your right foot back behind you. Keep your right knee pointed straight down towards the ground. Make sure to stay standing straight with the top of your head pointed straight to the ceiling.

Hold for 5 deep breaths and switch to the other leg.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Surprisingly this stretch targets your hamstrings! All of them!

Once your balance is supported bring your right leg up onto a bench or low chair. The more flexible you become, the higher the bench can be. Keep your legs perfectly parallel and your back leg straight while you flex your front foot.

Absolutely do not round off your spine during this stretch. The benefits will become pain instead if you do not keep your back straight!

Seated Spinal Twist

Finally we can sit! This stretch is built for your spine, neck and shoulders. Sitting at the edge of your bed, bench or chair with your legs together, rotate your spine to the left until you can place your left hand behind you. For extra support keep your right hand on the outside of your thigh.

Hold for 3 deep breaths and repeat for the other side. The stretch becomes deeper when you look over that shoulder behind you.

Side Stretch

This stretch is great for targeting your outer thighs and shoulders.

Stand with your left hand on the wall and cross your right leg in front of the left. Keeping your feet pointed forward is essential.

Shift your body weight into your right hip and reach your right arm over your head and touch the sky. Doing it? Wow, that’s a serious reach.

Hold this one for 2 or three deep breaths and repeat on your left side!

The Chest Release

The perfect stretch for your chest, shoulders and biceps.

Place your left hand on the wall and step forward with the left leg. While doing this turn your body to the right. Hold this stretch for 5 deep breaths. Pivot your hips slowly and often. Repeat on your other side.

Upper Back Release

I have the exact stretch that you need to target those pesky back and shoulder muscles!

Standing tall and straight with your feet a hips distance apart, clasp your hands together and slowly round your upper back forward. Keep your arms held straight out in front of you. You should feel your shoulder blades widen across your back.Watch Cyberbully (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Hold this stretch for 3 deep breaths.

And that’s it! This should take no more than ten minutes and will jump start your waking body for a full, energized day!