About The Neon Run:

What is the Neon Run?

The Neon Run is a wild and crazy glowing experience! This event is less about speed and more about enjoying a night of illuminating lights and neon glow body paint/powder under UV black lights with your friends and family.

Our event is all about people of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Come as you are! This event will be a 5k that is more about having fun and making memories, and simply blowing your mind!

How does it work?

Do not expect your typical 5k road race. You will be running through glow zones that will consist of neon glowing water/powder, laser lighting, fog, and music to help your experience back to the finish, (the neon festival) something that will change you forever! The Neon Festival is a Massive Neon festival filled with performers, music, lasers, and black lights. At the NEON Festival, you will have the chance to Dance, Socialize, take Photos and more importantly have FUN!

What is a neon zone?

A Neon segment of the event is an area where Neon Glow water/powder will be sprayed (it is safe), along with music and lighting! It truly is a “Neon Glow Party.”

The Neon Glow water/powder is a special formula that radiates light and will wash right off. All products are 100% natural and safe. These Zones will blow your mind! There will be six Neon Glow Zones along the course.

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